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Do you want the best in medical transportation?


Empire Ambulance
1987 Pioneer Road
Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006

Office: (215)938-5999
Fax: (267)387-6002  

Our Management Team

Rostyslav Viter: EMT-B

Crystal Paget: EMT-B
Chief of Operations

John Joseph Brown: EMT-D, NAEMT
Director of Marketing, Corporate Relations and Compliance

Pat McMaster: EMT-P
ALS Coordinator



Basic Life support:

BLS transport to Dialysis Centers. Chemotherapy treatments, Radiation therapy, Psychiatric hospitals. Bariatric patient transports, Obsetrics, and more.

Advanced Life Support

Emergency transports for ALS, in the case of service cardiac compromise, and life threatening cases. Special transports involving long distance and special life support measures.

Para Transit Services:

Routine transports to medical centers, routine dialysis centers, and medical appointments.


Service Beyond Care, the Empire Way...

• I was assured I would receive the best and I did.

• This company is never late, always professional.

• One of the best in the county for EMS safety.

• I wasn't a patient at all, I felt like a family members of their own, they do love me!

• We signed with Empire Ambulance and we got a great company our patients love them.

• We are extremely happy we signed an Empire contract, it was never about the price we chose Empire because of the care we saw.

• For over 4 years they have taken me to dialysis, and they never are late, they even gave me a Thanksgiving turkey when I lost my job.

• They stopped and took care of me in my accident and took me to a hospital, free of charge!

• We signed with Empire Ambulance after being with a company for 4 years, service is so much better.